Super7's Good Grief Gift Shop


All eyes fall on the Peanuts brand during SDCC, whether it’s their own SDCC exhibit hall booth or an off-site event like the Good Grief Gift shop at Super7. I made my way to the off-site shop, which is actually a real Super7 storefront in San Diego. Super7 was a shop some years ago that kickstarted my Japanese vinyl addiction when I roamed San Francisco quite often. Looking for the Gift Shop was quite easy since the building is painted like Charlie Brown’s iconic yellow shirt.

So what exactly was at this pop-up shop? Quite a few unique products. The highlight, to me, was a 1:1 scale Snoopy figure with Charlie Brown mask ($195). Everything aside from the Snoopy figure was under $100. Apparel, enamel pins, pennants, and drinkware among many things were available for customers when entering the storefront. An early release of Peanuts ReAction figures also filled shelf pegs.

I actually bought a few things for the Peanuts fan in me — big Snoopy, 1950 Charlie Brown ReAction figure, and 3 enamel pins. Lines at the Friday morning opening could take up to an hour, and it was mostly dependent on how long people shopped inside (only a small batch of people were allowed to shop at once). For those not wanting to carry big Snoopy around throughout SDCC were able to purchase & ship-to-home free of charge - something I almost took advantage of.


Remaining Peanuts product and other Super7 SDCC exclusives can be ordered on the Super7 website.