Overwatch: Storm Rising Event Now Live


It’s April, which is when Overwatch launches their annual Archives event that offers a little snippet of lore into a fan’s life. Three years of this and each one sort of keeps you on a cliffhanger until the next one. However, introduced in speaking form is Sojourn (Overwatch member at the time of event). The gameplay for Storm Rising is like previous years - progress through waves of AI until it’s over. Cosmetic sprays are available for achieving victories under certain requirements (some very difficult).

On another cosmetic note, the skins for Storm Rising are rather nice across the board. Nine skins can be unlocked in loot boxes. Six are Legendary tier and three are Epic. Newcomers launched after the 2018 event are given a handful of extra sprays / voice lines to catch up their hero gallery item count compared to other heroes. Ashe, McCree, and Soldier: 76 are my top 3 skins this time around. I already unlocked McCree via loot box and have enough coins for others should loot boxes deny me my most wanted skins.

Previous modes for Co-Op Mission Archives are available during this event. Storm Rising will go on until May 6th. Overwatch is available for a free trial from April 16-23 on PS4/XB1/PC. It’s also of note that Competitive Play Season 15 wraps up play in 13 days as of now. Have fun playing! :)