WonderCon 2019 Vlogs


Vlogs from WonderCon are coming along smoothly. I had to prioritize the interview videos first, so these had to take a backseat a little longer than usual. The process before WonderCon was to do daily vlogs there, but during that weekend I shot them as if it was going to be a single video. Fortunately I shot enough to start & finish each day and not feel like things were shorthanded in terms of content. Sunday/Monday, however, will be combined for the sake of their original final cut durations.

Each vlog is listed below from Thursday to Monday. The payoff, for me, with these vlogs is that I was still about to build each one to be dailies. Toward the end of the trip I was dreading not having enough footage to separate the days. They’re all kind of different in their own way, which is is always my goal for multiple day conventions/events. Hopefully the behind-the-scenes look at the red carpet give a little glimpse into how those things are organized.

A fun personal note to myself is that I used the Sony A6400 for every vlog. I’ve only had the camera for about a month, and can’t stop thinking how useful it is for my workflow. My familiarity with the Sony system gave me an advantage figuring out the camera quicker than usual. For years I’ve been a left hand dominant vlogger, but this A6400 has been a little more convenient for right hand vlogging. This is stuff I should probably touch base on in a near future video. Enjoy for now! :)