WonderCon 2019 Coverage

Marvel Cosplay Gathering

Marvel Cosplay Gathering

The 33rd edition of WonderCon has come and gone, and it was such a blast. Weather was sunny & warm all weekend, which always enhances one’s convention experience. My travel itinerary involved Southwest flights and Lyft rides during the 5-day trip. Not only is getting to Anaheim by air cost-effective, it’s also time-effective by avoiding a 6-hr drive. Let’s get on with how much fun WonderCon is!

Studios with a presence this weekend include Marvel, Freeform, DC Comics, Netflix, and many more. TV shows with a spring/summer schedule made use of this event to promote content in anticipation of new seasons. A few shows have coverage since I took part in some red carpet interviews. Those interviews with Agents of SHIELD, Cloak & Dagger, and Deadly Class can be found in their individual articles. AMC was also on hand to promote upcoming seasons of Fear the Walking Dead and NOS4A2, but I unfortunately couldn’t cover those due to scheduling. Many panels for movies / shows likely had an autograph signing, which were handled via raffle on the comic-con website leading up the WonderCon weekend.

Attendees at WonderCon are second to none. Everyone is there to have a good time. There is plenty of shopping to do in the exhibit hall with major brands and artists filling up booth spaces. Returning fans can expect to be greeted by a few familiar exhibitors at entrances (DC Comics, BOOM! Studios, IDW). Those are always welcoming booths since they have displays, exclusive products, and signings all weekend. The exhibit hall is spacious and, at times, rather cluttered with foot traffic since there is so much to see. Access to food and drink could be found in various sections of the venue, plus hotel dining & food trucks outside offered alternative options for wanting to avoid convention center prices.

Wayne’s World //  @captain.shade  &  @the.blonde.jedi

Wayne’s World // @captain.shade & @the.blonde.jedi

Cosplayers were in full effect. Many were living off Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Shazam! hype, which is amazing to see with those film’s critical acclaim. Fans of all genres were bound to find a cosplay from their favorite movie / show / anime / comic. I tried to get a wide variety of cosplay for the photo gallery to offer a glimpse on how diverse it is. There will be a single photo gallery for the whole weekend of cosplay photography this year. The current photo gallery can be viewed here; it should be completed by mid-April.

Want to attend in 2020? Dates are already confirmed for April 10-12 (Easter weekend). It will remain at the Anaheim Convention Center, so that’s always a plus. You can bet I will be there, and will probably book travel plans once those dates for travel and hotels are available.

Me after the Deadly Class press event // photo by Jay

Me after the Deadly Class press event // photo by Jay

It was very fitting having this weekend serve as the first big outing with my new Sony Alpha camera gear. The familiarity with the system made things easy to get acquainted with. This is the first WonderCon that I had a lightweight team with me. Josh was the cameraman for every interview, while Jay was able to do a few stills during the Deadly Class event. Both were helpful in structuring questions for actors and producers leading up to WonderCon as well.

Be on the lookout for more WonderCon 2019 coverage in future articles. Vlogs and red carpet interviews will have their own articles later this week and next week! :)