The Supreme x Steiff Bear


Collaborations with the Supreme brand happen quite often, but here is a first with the classic toy company Steiff. The Steiff bear wearing a Supreme box logo makes for an incredible display piece on furniture. It’s rather fitting on a couch, which is where I sat the bear down for some photos.

Box logo hoodies for in regular human sizes are very sought after, and often expensive in the aftermarket if you miss out on the original release date. In a way, this bear serves as a great consolation for those refusing to pay those prices or for those wanting a plush with matching outfits. Having the hood up or down makes great for alternate display options aside from the bear’s articulation at the head, arms, and legs.

Quality of this bear is unmatched. Supreme has a fancy collaboration tag accompanying the usual Steiff tags attached at the foot. Original price for the Supreme bear was $178. For an idea of Supreme premium pricing, the base bear (no hoodie) can be bought for ~$100 where Steiff products are sold.