Collected | Honey Nut Cheerios Funko Pop


Funko has been releasing Pops within their Ad Icons series quite often in the past year. Honey Nut Cheerios / Buzz was one of the last Funko-Shop releases of 2018, and it sold out rather fast in typical Ad Icons fashion. The sculpt of Buzz is very identical to the actual design seen on cereal boxes aside from the blacked out eyes. Detail on the wings and honey stick sweeten up the figure design even more. The dripping honey stick makes me crave honey like no other to be completely honest.

Buzz follows the recent Ad Icons trend of not having a numbered sticker. I think flocked Tony the Tiger in 2017 was the last one? It’s definitely been a while, but Funko producing popular releases in such large numbers (10,000+ pieces) would make a numbered sticker seem odd. All in all, Buzz follows the cereal mascot trend for Funko with it’s excellent translation from cereal box art to Pop form, but the Rice Krispies set is still my favorite. :)