Halloween (2018) 4K UHD Steelbook


The shape is back, and so is the slowly growing 4K UHD horror collection. Best Buy released their exclusive Steelbook last week, which has been a quick seller locally. No stores within 250 miles currently have this in stock. It’s a little surprising since the pre-order was always available since the film hit theaters in October.

Bill Sienkiewicz graces the front with beautiful artwork; a physical art print was released by Mondo around the theatrical release as well. I think it looks great on the Steelbook. On the back cover is a pumpkin carving, while the interior features Laurie holding a gun. None of the art is consistent. There’s an actual piece of art on front, random-ish pumpkin art on the back, and an actual frame or promo still of Jamie Lee Curtis from the film.

4K UHD disc features artwork and the Blu-ray only has the movie title. Both discs have bonus features in their respective resolution. The digital copy can redeemed UHD through Movies Anywhere. This is a solid content release by Universal, and definitely worth the $29.99/$32.99 price with it being in exclusive packaging.