Weekend of Cons | SacAnime Summer 2018

Coast to coast last weekend were events like PAX West (Seattle) and Dragon Con (Atlanta), but there is also SacAnime (Sacramento). All three events have been using Labor Day weekend as that staple date in their plans. I'd like to attend all three, but seems a bit hard when there is so much do at each of event. It should also be noted that Crunchyroll Expo happened in San Jose as well, so quite a few options if travel were no problem. So here are with SacAnime Summer 2018. 


The 3-day event offers a variety of special guests across anime, movies, and video games. Autographs were free for most guests, but a handful were only available for premium autographs (you'd have to pay). Fans of Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, Overwatch were in for a treat with several voice actors from those franchises. All autograph guests were located in one hall. Usually the premium ones were located in the vendor hall. 

Vendor hall was non-stop packed as usual. Plenty of vendors and artists filled the hall with essentially anything you wanted to buy for your collection. If you ever been to an anime convention, then you probably know what to expect. Want some Nendoroids, Funko Pops, pillows, or accessories? It's all there. Programming throughout the weekend featured panels with special guests, gaming, and workshops. SacAnime makes sure you aren't spending a whole weekend just shopping. You can sit down, relax, watch your favorite actors talk about their work, and meet them afterwards (or before).


Cosplay was in full effect, as expected. Notable fandoms that could be seen anywhere you walked included My Hero Academia, Overwatch, and Voltron. I'll also note seeing a fair amount of Heathers musical/film groups walking around as well. This is one of the few events I know that actually scheduled a cosplay gathering for musicals, so obviously Heathers will show up. The outfits are colorful and rather nostalgic, so why not be a Heather? 


heather & heather

This SacAnime has been their biggest pre-registered event, which means the growth and popularity of SacAnime continues to rise. A little shake-up for next summer will be moving the event to June 2019. The convention center will be doing renovation/expansion that will last until late 2020, which means SacAnime will need a new venue for 2020 for both cons. We'll see how that goes.

Pre-reg for SacAnime Winter 2019 is already live. Get your hotel soon if you plan on staying around the area. Rooms usually go fast within the original hotel block availability. Sheraton Grand Hotel rooms with two beds are currently gone. Booking a room via SacAnime can also get you a VIP weekend badge for $3 if done by September 17th. See ya there! :)



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