Shooting Star, a New Overwatch Animated Short


It's August and the first Overwatch animated short of the year debuted earlier today. Last one was the Reinhardt short for BlizzCon 2017. The latest short focuses on Hana/D.Va. Explained at the start via TV is D.Va back from an intense battle that apparently killed off her whole team except her (Mei relates). Lack of sympathy from the newscast leads me to believe that MEKA folk die frequently enough to not shed tears for on TV.

A surprise attack from omnic beings offer us D.Va defending her city solo. Her MEKA shows off features many players of Overwatch wish existed in game. Unlimited rocket boost and extended defense matrix sure do look nice in the short. Introduced in the short is, I guess, the Ultimate ability people either love or hate in game. Her MEKA doesn't self-destruct like the game; she actually shoots the reactor 'til boom! 


All in all this is a cool entry into the Overwatch animated short playlist, but leaves plenty to be desired for. Mention earlier, the battle D.Va just came back from that involved her team dying seemed a lot more entertaining than what we are presented. That would give a lot more insight into the MEKA folk and gateways to even more characters. However, this is all about D.Va and what she has to deal with. Not everything is fame and glamour as perceived before this. Check out the short in all it's glory below.

Hopefully the wait for another short isn't as long. BlizzCon is less than 3 months away, so that might be a good time for another one. Time will tell. :)