A Rather Bland Summer Games for Overwatch

Overwatch_ Origins Edition_20180813004200.jpg

Is Summer Games for Overwatch becoming the least anticipated annual event in the oh-so-popular game? The little update introduced a new Lucioball stadium in Busan and a stingy amount of 6 skins. I believe there is additional sound fx when you open the event loot box as well. Zenyatta, Brigitte, Ana, and D.Va impress with their skins. Winston and Reinhardt leave a little to be desired -- maybe since they look similar, but are nods to different sports.

I've yet to find someone that actually likes to play Lucioball beyond the 10 placement matches for the competitive mode. Luckily I placed in Diamond, so no real desire to play afterwards. It's also unfair that the game mode takes up two Arcade slots during the event duration. 

Overwatch_ Origins Edition_20180817222229.jpg

How about the lack of voice lines? There are a few sprinkled in, but it feels like the Summer Games event is to get the recent heroes up to speed on hero gallery items. Brigitte and Doomfist seem like they benefited most from this. Wrecking Ball has some goodies too, but that's rather fresh meat a month old. All in all, this update, like all Overwatch updates, is free, so complaining isn't really something that should happen. It's just bland. Bring on Halloween Terror though. :)