Bethesda Store | Dawn Power Armor Lithograph

Fallout lithograph releases have been somewhat a tradition over the years. For some years now, Bethesda Store has been putting out amazing prints featuring Fallout artwork based on the game or appear in-game. Fallout 76 is less than 3 months away from release, so the anticipation for game and merchandise is welcomed.  "Dawn Power Armor" is a fancy photograph-like lithograph that will set you back $80 before shipping, but looks like a no-brainer purchase for any Fallout art fans.

The lithograph shows off Fallout 76's environment right outside the vault door. Front and slightly centered is a T-51 helmet (the same one from trailers?), which is also the standout star in the Fallout 76 collector's edition. Two vault dwellers roaming the area can be spotted near the Vault 76 door, but I really like the Nuka-Cola bottle in the bottom corner. Off in the distance appears to be an airplane, something that's found in any wasteland. This 500 edition lithograph sports a fancy white border with a gold foil title logo, which will look great on it's 24x36 inches paper size. I think a full-bleed lithograph with this artwork would be a lot cooler, but there is some elegance with this border. 

EDIT 8/16/2018 -- 6:35PM || SOLD OUT -- Order the lithograph directly from Bethesda Store.