Avengers: Infinity War | 4K UHD Target Exclusive


One of the year's biggest box office hits is now available on 4K UHD. Avengers: Infinity War looks amazing in Target's exclusive packaging. The product looks like a standard Blu-ray with some thickness to it. Only a 4K UHD combo exists with this packaging, so those wanting to stay regular Blu-ray only will have to add the new format if they want this digipak. 

Unfolding each flap presents beautiful artwork featuring the Avengers, and each flap has a color vibe that gives nod to an Infinity stone. Included with the digipak is a gallery book with little bits explaining the film. It is a nice extra that I like as a standalone item. Handling the digipak should be handled with care, and probably not as often. Over time the folds will be come flimsy, but luckily the slipcover can keep things together shelved. Disc art is always nice on disc, but only the 4K disc has it. Note that Best Buy's exclusive Steelbook has a Blu-ray disc with actual artwork. 


The 4K UHD disc features Dolby Atmos, but not Dolby Vision. It's odd Disney won't give us the 1-2 punch with physical media. UHD digitally includes Dolby Vision, so what gives? Redeeming the digital code gives you the missing thing on disc. Odd.

Target has Infinity War on 10% Cartwheel right now, so this $32.99 item can cost less, even more REDcard (another 5% off).