Bethesda Releases Fallout 76 Teaser

Something was brewing yesterday when Bethesda/Fallout updated their socials with a Please Stand By gif. Original thought was that the next thing to follow would be at E3 next month, but nope. It's now. The next morning. What a great thing to wake up to on this random Wednesday in May. It's quite easy getting sucked into the teaser with "Take Me Home, Country Roads" featured as the music. 

Teasing the upcoming game that nods to Fallout 4 quite noticeably, the official teaser for Fallout 76 is an ultimate hype generator for the gaming fan in me. Graphics aside, so many things seen in the teaser can be recalled to Fallout 4. The Giddyup Buttercup, Nuka World collectibles, a UFO model resembling the actual one that crashed near Oberland Station, and the eyebot model you were able to assemble when stumbling across the product box. There is even preserved Blast Radius on the book shelf. 


Judging by social media, people are thinking this will be a multiplayer game of sorts. Some convinced it will be like Fallout 4, but a different year and location. I wouldn't mind if it's a mixture of both. Give us the story mode that's been a staple in previous games, but also add an open world map for the folks that want to mingle with other wanderers. It seems like an complex concept, but Grand Theft Auto V utilized that format exceptionally well since many people are still playing that game. For now, everything will just be pure speculation. All I know is that I'll be quick to pre-ordering any collector's edition when it's time to order.