Rick and Morty: Season 3 Steelbook

Perhaps overshadowed by the Black Panther Blu-ray release this week, Rick and Morty also had their third season physical release. We have their run-of-the-mill standard Blu-ray packaging and DVD versions, but Best Buy decided to offer an exclusive Steelbook for fans wanting a little more oomph to their collection. This is the only season, so far, to have Steelbook packaging, but following seasons should follow this trend with the series getting an additional 70 episodes.

You'll notice the wrapping and j-card make no mention of the Steelbook being exclusive to Best Buy, but it really is. You won't find this at Target or Wal-mart or Amazon. The cover artwork is very nice, featuring Rick and Morty, whereas the standard versions feature Pickle Rick. Digital Copy from WB will redirect you to Vudu to add the season to your digital collection. Everything is crammed onto one Blu-ray disc, so no swapping discs if you want to go from episodes to special features.


A nice surprise you'll find within the Steelbook is Morty's Adventure Card, which is nearly filled out. Flip it to the other side and it is marked up with completed adventures. This neat extra follows the trend with the first two seasons included with their physical releases (mini comic, instruction book). 

This item is currently $27.99 on Best Buy's website, but only for store pickup. No shipping option, so you'll have to go to a store to actually get it. I think the price is worth it for the premium packaging, plus the digital copy is incredible value with it costing $14.99+ on it's own.