Fairfield Anime-Comic Con


I decided to check out a local convention this past weekend in Fairfield. It feels like this is the first ever Fairfield Anime-Comic Con. I for sure have never attending something like this in the area, so why not check it out? Accompanying me for this single-day con was A.J. of Kinetic Collections. We basically just vlogged throughout the vendor room and chilled with our buddy Marco aka Chosen Wan Apparel

The vendor room was the same spot I received my college scholarship some 11 years ago. I thought that was hilarious that it took that many years to return to this venue for something. Many artists and vendors filled the space with products and artwork for attendees to buy. It was rather toy heavy in terms of what was available (fair mix of vintage and new stuff). 

Weather was partly cloudy, but made for some pretty neat pictures. I only managed to get pictures of Casey as Captain Marvel in terms of cosplay photos. Nothing too extensive compared to other conventions I go to.


The Vlog

The typical setup for this vlog was used. Sony AX53 with Rode VideoMicro. Fairly easy vlog day that managed to fit in some food as usual!

There will be another Fairfield Anime-Comic Con on September 16, 2018. Will I be there? If my schedule permits, yes. :)