The Best 52 Cents Spent at Walmart


Got wind from one of my favorite Star Wars news sites, Jedi Temple Archives, that some Walmart locations have Star Wars 6-inch The Black Series figures on sale for 3 cents. Three pennies. Yes. Hopped in the car to cross the street and see if my Walmart offered this year. To my surprise, that 3 cent price tag was active for some figures! They were only for peg-warmers Jyn and Cassian, which is totally cool.


I remember almost caving in buying these figures at $10 a year ago, but 3 cents? That's .15% of it's retail price. I'll take them, but just Jyn Erso. Jyn is in her Jedha outfit, which is my second favorite look of hers. My absolute favorite is the TIE pilot disguise, which didn't even get a 6" Black Series release. A little patience does pay off. Win-win for consumers and Walmart. They get peg/shelf space, and we get a dirt cheap action figure. It's hard to tell which side got the better deal. Now the 1.5+ year wait for Solo figures to be 3 cents can begin. :P