Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 | Coverage


The third annual Silicon Valley Comic Con was last weekend. It was mostly the same ol same type convention that it has been so far. This has been the staple comic-related event in the bay area ever since WonderCon left for southern California. Thousands come out to take in the event with special guests headlined by Stan Lee and David Tennant. Loaded with spotlights on many special guests, attendees could sit in on panels to see their celebrity favorites speak. An unexpected, but favorite appearance at SVCC, definitely goes to Boosted boards and their demo section. Their electric skateboards will be an inevitable acquisition later this year.

Exhibit Hall area featured many vendors of different mediums. It did seem very toy heavy as a whole. Fans of comics could find their grails with ease, plus anyone in the Funko Pop realm of collecting would not be disappointed. Mystery boxes were in no shortage. I think people coming here to build their collection of things walked away rather happy with what could be found at SVCC. The artist alley featured local favorites that I see at most bay area conventions, so it's nice to see SVCC feature thriving artists from the bay. 


Fun in general, but a handful of missteps returned again. Like last year, bag check line didn't get any faster. Press didn't get wristbands, but I still stood in line once just to see how long it took to get inside. Peak times trying to get in was a lengthy wait, so after a while I just flashed my badge to get in to cut the line. It made me feel bad considering some of these people in line likely had an autograph or photo-op time to make, and this line just to get into the convention could've cut things close for some. Quite of few things I liked at SVCC last year didn't return this year. Big example was the couch/lounging areas that were spread out the exhibit hall. NASA seemed to have a toned down presence in the hall as well. Somewhat spacious aisles seemed nonexistent this time around.

If this is your one big event of the year, then it's still the one to attend for bay area locals. No other event offers this much talent and programming to fill a weekend. Keep in mind that SVCC is is a homegrown event embracing it's roots, and it still doesn't come off completely as a traveling autograph convention out to get your money. 

SVCC 2019 will be on March 29-31. You can save 20% on 3-day passes if you order by April 30, 2018. I can already confirm I won't be there since that is the same weekend as WonderCon, which is unfortunate, but I committed to the event beforehand. 


Cosplay is another staple at this event, so it wouldn't be natural if I didn't have a gallery showcasing the greatness that showed up.