DC Collectibles Impresses with Mera Statue


Hot off the press with Aquaman’s theatrical release is a series of DC Collectibles statues based on a few characters. Arthur/Aquaman, Black Manta, and Mera have the 1/6 scale statue treatment so far, but hopefully a few other characters can be made in another wave. I’d love to see Atlanna, Orm, and Vulko in the future. Mera is such a fantastic sculpt and it captures Amber Heard’s likeness as seen in the film. Holiday season has made availability of Mera a bit hard to find currently in stock, but acquiring this statue sooner than later will be for the best with it’s 5,000 piece edition size.

The original preview for Mera a while back had a more water-friendly base, but DC Collectibles opted to give every Aquaman statue the same base in the end. It might make sense doing to save costs, but a little Google search will show you a more entertaining version of Mera’s base compared to what we get. Mera is approximately 14 5/8 inches tall with the base included in height. She is the tallest of the three film statues, and I dig that. Back to the sculpt, it’s just incredible. Detail on the face, hair, suit, body, and choice of pose make this statue an incredible addition to any collection. This gives me faith an Atlanna statue will be just as amazing if put into production.

Assembling Mera is quick. All you do it line up the metal peg on her foot with the drilled hole on the water base to secure everything in place. It’s stable enough to survive surface shakes, which is rather crucial since any drop of this statue will definitely result in broken pieces. Arms and the individual sculpted hair strands seem very fragile if anything snags of bumps into it.

Aquaman statues from the set can be found from $135-$160 depending on where you shop and when you shop. Price seems to vary, so I guess anything in that range is a good deal. Mera is worth it. Can’t speak on the other two statues from the film, but Black Manta looks amazing as well. I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of the Arthur/Aquaman statue though.. something about the face sculpt and pose throw me off. If only every DC collectibles statue can emit this human likeness accuracy like Mera for live-action versions… ‘til then!