Redd is a Disney Parks Funko Pop Worth Having


Title might be a little misleading. Recent Disney Parks Funko Pop releases have been big hits. Pop Rides for Splash Mountain and Haunted Mansion preceded Redd’s release with ample hype at Park stores and their online release. Redd’s online release was rather tame compared to the Rides, which is somewhat surprising since Pop Rides are more expensive and less likely to entice resellers.

Redd is priced at $20. She is worth it with her excellent sculpt and paint application. The rosy cheeks and mole are a nice touch, even that slight smirk. I dig that very much. A gun-wielding pirate with this much quality deserves to be collected by Disney fans. Taking pictures of Redd with different scenery is super satisfying. She works with basically anything outdoors. This Funko Pop also comes in a box branded with classic Pirates of the Caribbean text. Highly recommend acquiring Redd for in box or out of box display.