Loot Crate - Worth It?

TL;DR - no, it isn't for me.

I'm writing this now because I'm officially off the hook with Loot Crate. Once upon a time I jumped on their subscription offer that seemed too good to pass up. 30% off a sub plan? This was in February last year, probably for Valentine's Day or something. The value of items in 12 core boxes must surpass their original price. Without that percentage off, the year-long sub would be $215.40 with shipping included (prices for Loot Crate climbed a bit since then). My total price with shipping and sales tax added was $161.91.

Judging from the stuff I accumulated, definitely not worth it. Even with the discount, it, without a doubt, still isn't worth it. In Loot Crate's eyes the value is met due to their MSRP and/or determined value of said product. These could be the prices that no one would ever buy these products if they saw it not on clearance at Target or Wal-mart. Once in a while there is a cool item, and very rarely does the whole box turn out good. Animation (July 2017) gave me hope that Loot Crate can still churn out quality sub boxes without anything bad, but it ended up being downhill after that.

Only one Funko Pop vinyl in 12 months. I'm pretty sure the demand for Funko product is way higher than Q-Figs. Q-Figs 3 months in a row happened during the year. Why did a craptastic wooden Buffy bookmark even make it into a sub box? It doesn't even function as a bookmark that well. Things like that really make boxes horrible. Sure, they feature franchises people love, but the items just fail to impress. Slapping a Loot Crate Exclusive logo on stuff isn't doing much for me. 12 t-shirts and pins after dropping over $160? A litter of some mediocre stuff and that Animation box softens the blow to the wallet a little. Quality deteriorated each month since summer. The December box didn't even have a physical magazine. It was just a postcard listing items in the box.


pricing for boxes and shipping increased during subscription

it didn't affect the initial price paid

The only way for me to continue supporting Loot Crate in some capacity is through their Loot Vault store. In most cases, items in boxes show up for purchase there anyway. Loot Vault has insane discounts frequently to make it even better. Items from other Loot Crate subscription types also appear there. Having a little patience will probably get you what you want at a better price, plus you don't have to deal with 2-3 extra items that you have no idea what to do with. The fluff can make good gifting solutions for special occasions, but many of the things I got doesn't even pass $2-3 in value. Like I would feel bad giving it to someone as a gift.

I guess I fall into the unsatisfied customer category for this product. It isn't for me. For every quality monthly box, there are 11 bad ones overall (at least for 2017-2018). I'm glad I didn't jump into other sub boxes they offer with their notorious shipping delays that happen too often (not their fault entirely, but it's still their product). Even their Loot Vault shipping took a month to get an order out to me. Maybe they just don't have the staff to accommodate everything they do. It seems like it, judging by the things I have a problem with. C'est la vie. Goodbye, Loot Crate monthly boxes.