Blade Runner 2049 | 4K UHD Steelbook

Best Buy and Warner Bros are off to a fantastic Steelbook start this year. The retailer usually partners up with WB for a handful of exclusive Steelbooks every year. 2018 is coming out with a bang. Last week there was IT, but now there is Blade Runner 2049. Both films have quite the critical acclaim, and the demand for their 4K UHD Steelbooks has been quite notable. My local Best Buy immediately sold out of both upon store opening on release day. No joke. That $34.99 price tag does not stop anyone from buying up these exclusives. It mostly is a good thing, but perhaps not fun for those that don't keep up-to-date with releases and knowing the best way to acquire these directly from Best Buy. 

Blade Runner 2049 features K on the cover, and the back has Deckard. Interior of the Steelbook has additional artwork with credits features on the bottom left when viewed entirely. I prefer interiors to feature colorful imagery, which isn't what this Steelbook included. Very rarely does a Best Buy Steelbook get it completely right, but this one is close. Very close. Mad Max: Fury Road is still king of that honor.


A standout feature cosmetically is the 4K UHD disc color. It's teal. People following the color palette of Blade Runner 2049's promotional work will probably pick up on this choice. I love the disc color so much. The standard Blu-ray is quite blank aside from the title and other smaller text. Digital HD provides UHD streaming with the provided code. Dolby Atmos is featured on both discs, plus the digital version. Special Features include the anime and live-action prologues to complement the film.


Getting a film on release day must mean I really love it. Definitely fact. Blade Runner is a great film, but this one takes everything visually and story-wise to another level. It sort of has to since it is building on the legacy of the original film. I can see this film being a popular Black Friday deal months from now, but probably not this Steelbook. Best Buy may produce another version in the future that isn't so limited, perhaps for their Pop Art series of Steelbooks. However, in short, this particular one is just really, really amazing in person. Check out the video unboxing/review that I made earlier this week as well! :)