SacAnime Winter 2018 | Another Good One


With over 10,000 people pre-registered for this event, the latest edition of SacAnime was surely going to be a busy one. It certainly felt like that many people were there, and it totally makes sense with voice actors from Overwatch and RWBY headlining. That even had the fanboy in me excited just to be in the same building as that much talent, plus the other featured guests during the cold January weekend. 

It's weird commenting on the weather for a convention, but let me get it out the way. Friday it was raining at times. Saturday was the rather sunny day. Sunday sported clouds throughout. Basically a nice sampler of weather, but far from consistent aside from the cold. This was my first SacAnime staying the whole weekend at a hotel. Usually I drive back and forth each day, but felt the convenience of being around start to finish was worth it. The same will be happening for SacAnime Summer in August/September.


The vendor room was fairly crowded throughout each day. Many returning exhibitors and artists were around. I didn't do much shopping, even though I was on the lookout for a coach jacket. Maybe next time or at another event. A slight change to cosplay gatherings happened this time around. Only one location was used instead of the usual two spots. Only the terrace was utilized, unless rain prevented people from gathering outside. Part of me thinks this was to prevent people from sneaking in through the back door without a badge.

I ran into many familiar faces and got acquainted with some new folks. It's really odd being recognized with that fuzzy hat of mine. On Saturday I changed my outfit midday just to escape groups and actually get work done. There was so much to do that day as well. I opted to attend the Overwatch cosplay gathering instead of the voice actor panel, which happened at the same time. Decisions were tough this time around. Apparently that panel was double-booked with another panel for another time, so it ultimately had to stick with that slot. It was unfortunate, but things like that happen at events.

Now begins the long wait for SacAnime Summer. The gap between the summer and winter event is rather close, but winter to summer is a lot longer. However, many conventions and happenings occur while awaiting the next SacAnime. Hotel/VIP registration is already up if you know you're going to attend the next one!