Tasted | Iced Blonde Americano at Starbucks


I was snooping around the Starbucks website a few days before this blonde espresso thing took off in stores. Their front page was all blanked out, teasing this upcoming product. Here it is! Fast forward to Tuesday, which is 4 days ago (whoops), and I tried out their Blonde Americano. Ordered a venti size since I forgot Americano prices are lower than a latte/mocha. $3.25 is a lot better than $5+ if I'm just wanting to try out a new bean. New drinks at Starbucks are usually day one for me if it isn't a Frappuccino

Being a very open coffee drinker, I don't really care if it's blonde or medium or dark. It's more about the flavor, so if a blonde tastes good, then I'll keep ordering it. I splash these cups with cream anyway. However, I did taste this thing without any cream added first. Smooth was the first word that came to mind. Starbucks says it isn't roasty aka burnt(?), which I noticed early on too. An iced version packs in 4 espresso shots, so that enabled a hyper version of me shortly after.


The only other blonde drink I would want to try is a flat white since I prefer Americano as iced. Perhaps that will be my next hot drink order to continue my blonde espresso interests, but this Americano kind of has me hooked right now. Another highlight during this Starbucks run was seeing Casi Cielo bags available. Of course I picked up a 1lb bag. I totally missed out on these last year for the first time in recent years, so I made sure that didn't happen for 2018.