Best of 2017 | Cosplay Photography


Selections for this article are more about my creative approach to photography with cosplayers as subjects. Most of these pictures were considered for their isolated look, and didn't really give hints that some were taken at a convention/event. Black & white photos are my sweet spot, but didn't really emphasize on them that much this year. I started 2017 with a non-stop string of events, but slowly tapered off after San Diego Comic Con in July. It's somewhat a trend that happens each year since most events aren't during late fall / early winter.

I found myself working fast when it did come to processing pictures, and felt my colors needed some consistency once and for all. The lush and vibrant palette has always been "me" for digital work, but muted tones crept it's way into my style for certain photo sets. These cosplay selections lean towards vibrant for the sake of showing off the cosplayer's work. Each photo was taken with Fujifilm gear, which didn't really surprise me. My Canon gear has mostly been reserved for video/vlog content so far. 2018 will dive deeper into portrait work with cosplay, plus a few major projects that will take off from the planning stages.

I'm mostly friends with the ones you see below. It makes sense the frequently photographed were chosen. They get my workflow and trust that creative process. Shout out to Icy, Chelsea, Trent, Katie, Ashton, Sarah, Kaiti, Steph, Danielle, Izzy, Sarah (another one), Remy, Ellie, Sam, Cassie, Jacen, and Jay. ;D