So Lit at SacAnime Summer 2017

Labor Day weekend also means SacAnime weekend. This is one of the last conventions I'll be covering this year, so I made sure to get as much work in as possible. The summer heat was alive and well each day, reaching over 100 degrees. It kind of detracted from being at a few cosplay gatherings, but it's nothing to really complain about or blame. Weather is weather. I just knew from a photography perspective that it wasn't going to be that pleasant. I made the best of what was around me, and that's always the fantastic people that attend SacAnime.


A highlight change this SacAnime was the use of all of the convention center. Usually another event coincides the same weekend (Sac Greek Fest) during summer, but that wasn't the case this time around. This kept traffic consistent in the area, so basically everyone walking around was there for SacAnime. It was just odd not checking out the Sac Greek Fest at night since they usually let everyone in with a badge. A chunk of the new space this time around was dedicated to autograph signings with the guests. I didn't take part in any signings, but it looked like lines started in the hallway whenever I walked by.

The vendor hall was probably the best place to stay cool with the heat outside. Not only was it a great place to spend money, you were also in the most chilled spot indoors. A lot of people picked up on this, so this area could seem crowded during parts of each day. It never felt out of hand though. The best solution to getting around is trying another aisle if you need to exit or see new things. Shopping experience is near unchanged. Many familiar vendors and artists return to SacAnime, so you wouldn't ever feel like "wow, it's very different" when inside.


I guess this leads me to saying the consistency here is what keeps SacAnime a fun even to attend. The special guest line-up is so rich in various mediums, and it's probably the only aspect that really changes compared to everything else. They reel in a diverse crowd that isn't just focused on anime. It's very video game and pop culture friendly. You're bound to find something that appeals to you, even if you tried to deny it. Deep down you'll want to experience something offered at SacAnime. Utilizing the Sheraton for all badge types is still one of the best conveniences SacAnime offers compared to other relative events that use this venue. Reiterating what I said earlier, it felt a lot more spacious due to the whole convention center being used. I hope this trend continues for all SacAnime events to come. :)



Currently there are no complete photo galleries to share from SacAnime. There's quite a lot of work to do with the amount of photos, but each day will be posted in it's entirety when ready. Just keep checking this portion or the Latest Galleries or Archive section for updated links. :)

Friday - View Gallery
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I did my best to get as much video content in the summer heat. If you watch each vlog, you'll catch observations on how SacAnime is doing this time around. It gets mixed up with all the other random things that happen, but that's kind of the point of these videos. This also shows how a non-cosplay guy gets around with so many cosplay friends. Only used the Canon 77D + 10-18mm + Rode VideoMicro throughout the weekend!


  • Fujifilm X-T1 / X-E1 with 35mm and 56mm
  • Canon 77D with 10-18mm and Rode VideoMicro
  • Minolta Hi-Matic AF2
  • Nikon EM with 35mm Series E
  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 90