Jedi Moon Cosplay | Vintage Ariel


The little photoshoot I did with Jedi Moon Cosplay aka Steph right after Crunchyroll Expo has finally been completed. So the plan to shoot with Steph was played by ear since there was no set schedule on how long I would be at CRX that same day. Everything fell into place, and we were off shooting in the afternoon. The photoshoot didn't take that long at all. I think all the shots you'll see were taken within 20 minutes. After several shoots together this year, we know how our workflow goes. 

The fancy dress Steph is wearing is made by November Cosplay. It's a take on Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid. In person, the colors pop so beautifully, and I think the pictures capture it very well. This park we used as the setting turned out to be a great spot. It has a fake waterfall that makes great for an out-of-focus background. There's a pond, a wooden bridge, and various types of trees. Pretty sure this location will be used for projects in the future. Every picture was taken with the Fujifilm X-T1 and their 56mm lens. I chose a few favorites to share on this article, but the complete gallery can be viewed here. Enjoy!