Nerdy Aesthetic | My One and Only Shoot with the Sigma 18-35mm Lens



Ownership of the 18-35mm lens by Sigma was short-lived. I wanted to try at least one shoot with a friend before sending it back to Amazon, so I had a hangout day with Sarah, and the afternoon consisted of taking pictures in a few local settings. The results are so gnarly; I love them all. It was a good sendoff, knowing Sigma has this gem of a lens, but it didn't fit what I wanted in a zoom lens to complement my Canon setup (10-18mm, 50mm). Maybe there will come a day where I won't mind having this lens around as an option for events and trips, but I'm in this phase where I can't have extra things just for the sake of having it around. I need that all-around lens with Canon, and perhaps Canon's own 18-135mm STM could have a chance at being in my camera bag permanently. The next few paragraphs will just be me blabbing about the Sigma 18-35mm lens.

Sticking with the photography gear I've had for a few years wasn't a hard thing to do. Sort of easy since it was nearly exclusive with Fujifilm and their rather small line-up of lenses. All of a sudden the vlog game picked up earlier this year, and that meant adopting a new system to coexist with Fujifilm, and it ended up being Canon. I was quite close to joining the Sony side, but convenience and reliability with Canon won me over. Many don't know this, but my career with digital photography began with Canon, so maybe that also played a factor in why Canon was chosen.

Zoom lenses are a meh subject for me. I never did like them for stills. However, they are very useful with video/vlogs, and definitely make life a little easier on the creative side. Just what if I wanted to do nice stills with the Canon? The Canon 10-18mm that I shoot with is great for video, but I haven't found a passion for it in stills. I wanted something that basically covers all the bases that my Fujifilm system does in prime lenses (18mm f2, 23mm f2, 35mm f2). Turns out Sigma has something that covers all that in one lens, plus at an f1.8 aperture. I'll take it, order placed.

Established is I don't have this lens anymore. This was back in July, but the memory of this lens hasn't escaped me here in September. I kind of knew it wasn't going to work the minute I felt the weight and fiddled with the zoom range. I'm not saying this is a bad lens. I just knew the lens wasn't what I truly wanted. It really is 3 primes lenses in 1 lens, but I'm sure the weight of 3 f1.8 lenses weigh less than the Sigma 18-35mm. My prime lens preference also kicked in. The thing is not even a 2x zoom. I rather have a 2 prime lens kit in my bag and just change lenses if need be.

The image quality is outstanding though. However, this lens is kind of a brat if I'm not using the center autofocus point. I know Sigma has a dock accessory at an additional price to adjust settings, but I'm more of a "lens needs to perform at it's best out of the box" type of photographer. Fujifilm does it with all their lenses, so that explains why I have that obligated mindset. When the subject is locked on, all centered in frame, this lens is quite amazing. Autofocus aside, the lens played nice mounted on the Canon 77D. 

I tried, but you aren't what I need right now, Sigma 18-35mm.


Check out the complete gallery of Sarah. She's such a nerd for wearing a Star Wars t-shirt in this shoot, but hanging out with her is guaranteed nerdy. Star Wars is life anyway. Most of the photos are taken with the Canon 77D + Sigma 18-35mm. Some photos towards the bottom are taken with the Canon 50mm STM mounted, and even fewer are taken with the Fujifilm X-T1 + Fujifilm 56mm. Enjoy!


I have no idea if this will be an ongoing series. Would it focus on photography? Or just me nerding out about something technical in my workflow? Sarah already knows she will be a go-to person as a subject for when I want to try new gear. Eh, time will tell. I just really like the title of it, and don't want it to go to waste.