Hello Kitty Cafe in Walnut Creek


There's this truck that tours around the country all year that I've been wanting to see for the longest time. Schedules aligned yesterday when the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck set up shop in Walnut Creek. A little strategic planning went down due to the hype Hello Kitty & Sanrio generate, so it was only right to show up at the 10am event over an hour early. Joining me on this kawaii dessert adventure was Jay and A.j. Essentially we just wanted something to do this weekend, and this was it.

Waiting in line was rather easy for us. We're molded by lines and waiting due to things like San Diego Comic Con, so complaints from us are non-existent. However, people not really used to this type of process? It could be stressful, and probably not that appealing to follow through with buying stuff. After 2.5 hours in line, it was our turn to buy, but it was just me that walked away with a pink tote bag full of goodies. 

An event like this is great to experience just once. Mentioned in the vlog below is I would only attend another pop-up shop if there are new products available for sale. Yesterday morning was uber fun though. The weather wasn't scorching hot, but I don't think the east bay gets central valley heat that often. I think anyone really interested in Hello Kitty and Sanrio will enjoy this cafe truck the first time. Just show up early if you want to buy nearly everything on the menu. Check out my vlog down below for more on this event!


I think my merch haul was rather small compared to mostly everyone else. Some people had multiple bags full of everything. This can be a very expensive purchase with the Hello Kitty pricing. Everything is essentially a premium price, but the presentation can convince you it is totally worth it. I kind of feel good about what I got with the pricing. The new mug design is $14, minicake set of 4 is $15, and the 3 cookies priced at $12. A little outlandish, but have you ever shopped at Sanrio? These prices make a lot of sense. 

The tote bag is free with purchases over $25 in food, so the mug price doesn't apply towards getting one. It's a thin bag that can basically carry the treats, and nothing else beyond that. I love the logo printed on the tote. Free with purchases is the cafe button and stickers.


The fastest turnaround for a vlog is this one right here. Jay headed home after lunch, so I went straight to work on putting together the video. It was quick to do. I didn't really have much to do yesterday afternoon, so why not publish the vlog? Enjoy it! :)