Starbucks Reserve: Hawaii Ka'u

I love trying Starbucks Reserve coffees. Sometimes I pick up a bag of beans for home. It sort of depends if I'm already bags behind at home, and if the price is rather reasonable. Hawaii coffees are just pure gold, so I kind of bought this one without hesitation or tasting. This $24.50 8.8oz bag of Hawaii Ka'u is totally worth the blind buy. It has an amazing flavor that really hooked me with it's hazelnut and caramel hints. Any coffee that flirts with hazelnut is bound to get some love from me. Check out the description Starbucks put out for Hawaii Ka'u. It's basically saying "Hi, I taste awesome and I'm from Hawaii. You know you want me."

Sea turtles were basking in the sun and nesting on this land long before it was given the name Ka`u. Today, life in this sparsely populated part of Hawaii continues to be slow-paced. With the high elevation and cool nights, even the coffee cherries mature more slowly in Ka`u. And with deep, nutrient-rich volcanic soil, these farms are producing coffees coveted around the world for their distinctive sweetness. This coffee is a simple way to joyfully share life—the spirit of Aloha.

Absolutely love this bag of Hawaii Ka'u. Lately I've been sticking to the "limited" Starbucks single-origin bags found at standard locations. Those don't really show up often, so I tend to buy 2-3 bags at a time. However, this was a nice reminder that Starbucks Reserve coffees tend to earn their asking price. I really enjoy the pour over method with this coffee. I'm a little hesitant of agitating this amazing coffee with french press, but I'll most likely give it a shot if I remember to try it out one morning.

I know my local Starbucks Reserve location has a nice shelf full of Hawaii Ka'u bags. Part of me wants to get another bag right away, so I'll have that peace of mind of having another bag to enjoy. It's a little odd this one is still available online too. Usually Hawaii coffees don't last long on the Starbucks web store. Definitely try a cup of this coffee if your Starbucks serves this coffee... or just buy it because you know a cup of Hawaii coffee is pretty much a winner. :)