Jedi Moon Cosplay as Punk Batwoman


Earlier this month I spent an afternoon shooting with my dear friend Steph aka Jedi Moon Cosplay. It's been a few months since our last time shooting away from an event of sorts. This time around we decided to get proper shots of her punk Batwoman. Once upon a time we did get one picture of Batwoman at SacAnime, but that is really it. I tend to catch Steph at events in cosplays that I've seen several times, but this is one I don't see much.

The cloudy weather this time around wasn't that gracious with coloring the sky for 90% of the shots, and it even rained a bit when we originally started shooting. It was sort of fitting, in a way. The attire and weather sort of meshed together. I really enjoyed this shoot with Steph, and there is so much more planned that will hopefully come together real soon. Check out the complete photo set in this gallery. Enjoy! :)