Anticipation: Crunchyroll Expo 2017

Prepping for Crunchyroll Expo is such a head-scratcher. It is Crunchyroll's first go at a convention, so this rodeo has got me extra curious. I got wind of this event earlier this year, and must admit my first thought was "this could be epic." This was around the time I binged Yuri on Ice and Haikyuu!!, so I was rather hooked by that Crunchyroll hype. News and announcements on the event trickled out slowly at first, but every bit was keeping me interested in covering this event.

Santa Clara isn't often chosen to host an event like this, so it makes me wonder what kind of attendance numbers Crunchyroll is expecting. The turnout can be big though. I just hope we aren't smushed in this venue. It's been a few years since my last time at the Santa Clara Convention Center. A big plus for using this venue is free parking. Also the pedestrian and vehicle traffic should be lower than the likes of San Jose and Oakland. Events like Fanime, Silicon Valley Comic Con, and Kraken utilize those cities each year. 

The special guest list is rather loaded on all mediums. Want to meet voice actors, show creators, YouTubers, and an Olympic figure skater? Crunchyroll Expo has you covered. The guest that stands out to me most is Chris Parson, voice actor for Junkrat on Overwatch. Adam Savage was added to the list earlier this month. Crunchyroll is obviously taking big steps in bringing talent from not only anime, but pop culture in general. I think this is a formula that typically works well for events simply because it will attract a wider audience, and isn't so strictly focused on anime.

Staples in making events fun is shopping around in the artist alley. One of my favorite artists, Riri Mon, will have a table, so this is already shaping up to be a good. There will also be an exhibit hall featuring Bandai Namco, Funimation, and many more. Illustrator Yoshitaka Amano (Final Fantasy) will have an exhibition showcasing his works. Programming seems very spread out, giving attendees an endless schedule each day. There is even a masquerade happening Saturday night! 


I think the best way for me to share Crunchyroll Expo coverage is with a vlog. Giving viewers a glimpse of this event with video should be useful and helpful for those considering attending the next one, if another should happen, or just see what they missed out on. Gear is going to be tricky since I'm still in a phase of deciding on permanent equipment. I still have my staples with Canon and Fujifilm.

For vlog - Canon 77D + 10-18mm
For stills - Fujifilm X-T1 + 35mm and/or 56mm, Fujifilm Instax Mini Neo 90

My ultra lightweight kit would leave out a second lens for Fujifilm. Definitely won't bring along a 35mm film camera. I haven't dared trying to stick with only Canon during an event. The idea is tempting as a test run. I have a 50mm that would be good for portraits, but that'd require me to change lenses here and there. Perhaps if I ever get a second Canon body this can be a possible event kit. Soon, I hope, I'll finish up this gear acquirement phase since the Sigma 18-35mm didn't really work for me.

Coverage for me will definitely include any happenings on that Saturday, August 26th. Expect the vlog to be up first. Extensive photo gallery will follow. All content will be published and shared before SacAnime begins, which is the following weekend. Hope to see some familiar faces at Crunchyroll Expo. Feels like quite a few friends will be around. Can't wait! :)