Loot Crate Delivers with Animation

ANIMATION is such a great Loot Crate theme. I've been yearning for a cartoon centric box, and July was that month. This box showed up while at San Diego Comic Con, so it was somewhat neglected and unopened while I recovered from that trip. So here I am starting off August with last month's Loot Crate core box.


I really love this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tee. Mostly appreciate it for the color choices. The artwork and pattern covering the front is also nice. To be honest, I'd probably buy this t-shirt if I saw it available in a store. Definitely gets top marks from me, and, hands down, the best Loot Crate of 2017 so far.



I was curious to see what the Futurama item would be. These Slurm 2-pack koozies is such a nice goodie to receive. Coming from SDCC recently, koozies have been a form of swag to get from exhibitors promoting movies and/or tv shows. Yeah, this isn't an expensive product, but the design is pure mint for something Futurama. It also features the inevitable Matt Groening signature.


My guess for the Bob's Burgers item was a softcover version of the oh-so-popular burger book that came out last year. In a way, these do come from the book. The back of the box states The Bob's Burgers Burger Book publication info. Anyway - this Recipe Cards in a Box set is genius. I very much admire the recipes are housed in a stylish box showing off the Bob's Burgers storefront.



Such a fan of enamel pins. Loot Crate, in a way, helps me avoid pins in stores. These things range from $4-10 depending on the store/seller. Gene from Bob's Burgers gets the pin honors this month. The pin unlocks Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards. It's some FOX game that I have no desire playing.


Rick and Morty products are amazeballs. I was delighted to see this Rick figure in the box. My reaction in the unboxing video is so legit. I picked up the SDCC exclusive golden version at Loot Crate's booth, but the thought of a standard color version never crossed my mind until opening this box. This figure is well-sculpted and well-painted. No quality issues with Rick, plus the figure is molded good enough to display without the stand, but it's probably safest to use the stand.

My Rick box is a little crunched. The damaged done to the box is definitely done by the packer. The grip someone had on the Rick box is obviously signs a Loot Crate employee doesn't give a damn about people receiving nice things. Some of the Q-Figs I got 3 months in row before July were damaged pre-shipment. I could try to think of excuses, but why feel apologetic? Have a little more care, Loot Crate.

Is this the coolest Loot Crate core box of 2017? Yes. So far. Definitely. Without a doubt. It serves as a reminder that Loot Crate can still churn out a dope box, even if the theme is fairly easy to capitalize on. Every item in this box is awesome. Check out my unboxing video below, and you'll see just how much I enjoy this Loot Crate. :)