Loot Crate, Alter-Ego with Hella Nerds

Alter-Ego by Loot Crate is an interesting core box for June. Half of it is basically Marvel, so hopefully you like Marvel! Somewhat leveling the franchise distribution are items from DC Comics and Transformers.

  • Transformers T-Shirt: I really like this transform sequence tee of Optimus Prime. Being a fan of G1 Transformers made it really easy to like this item.
  • Hulk 6" Bowl: Probably the most blah item in this box. It's a nice concept. Sort of reminds me of Bow Wow's car in Tokyo Drift. Definitely something I can give to someone if ever attending an event that requires a gift of sorts.
  • Spider-Man Q-Fig: I'm not feeling the back-to-back-to-back months of Q-Figs. However, this third one turns out to be the coolest one. Three straight months of Marvel Q-Figs in the core Loot Crate box. Kind of ridiculous.
  • DC Comics, The New 52 Poster Book: I'm a lightweight fan of the New 52. Batgirl is my favorite series, especially the revamp with issue 35, so I'm glad that cover is included in this book. All these mini posters can be removed from the book and framed for display (or pinned/taped to a surface is that's your thing). 
  • Jekyll & Hyde pin: nice pin? Quality is good. That's kind of all I can say on it. The pin unlocks the Green Ranger character for Power Rangers Legacy Wars.

The box can be transformed into Optimus Prime and trailer. It's rather neat! I haven't attempted to do this yet since I have all items still stored in the box. Someday!  Lately these monthly boxes get very creative, leaving people without a box to store items in. I tend to just keep everything together in their proper box except the t-shirt (it's basically the one item I use right away).


So everything about this box is rather cool, right? Yes. However, the Secret Order of Keys has been unreliable half the time. Bonus loot was not found in my box! So... let's talk about.Lately Loot Crate has not been including bonus loot in my boxes (missing Primal and now Guardians). It's disappointing to do the key challenges, wait a month, and find out they forgot to include bonus loot. This isn't a item I'm technically paying for, but it would be nice to receive something touted so much in the monthly magazines and e-mail promos. It's whatever. I am getting in touch with Loot Crate customer service to what's going on.

Of course there is an unboxing video! Nerdy BBQ seemed like the perfect time to open this Loot Crate. A lot of them are into Spider-Man, so that seemed to be the hot item. There is a lot of talking and plenty of laughing, so this may not be a typical unboxing a monthly subscription box. We were just having a grand time looking at nerdy stuff. :)