Here we are! You're probably wondering what this new lofty space is? THAT NERD JUSTIN is essentially the flagship of everything that I'm about. It's like that umbrella of sorts that houses my interests. Nerd Gazette isn't going to be deleted or banished from existence. Later this month I'll explain a bit on why it won't be a leading outlet moving forward.

New name, new software. I am running on Squarespace. Departing Blogger wasn't that hard of a farewell. Blogger is useful and free, and let me attempt to build myself as a brand. It was good enough to get media/press access for basically every event I cover, so I was obviously doing things decent enough in terms of design and content. This minimalistic approach for look & feel has always been a staple in how I want to present things. Yeah, it's basically black and white with accents of my favorite colors, but this is about getting content to viewers as straightforward as possible.

So the site isn't completely finished. I'll be working on a few updates and fixes here and there this month. Maybe a time-constraint pushed me to get this out there sooner than I wanted? It'll be fine. What needs to be presented is being presented. A software like Squarespace is very accessible and easy-to-use as long as internet is available, which means I will be perfectly fine in this new place called home.


Shout out to my beta testers – Sarah, Samantha, Scout, Kat, and Christina. When I scratched my head on a few design choices, y'all gave input and it helped me figure out what to do. All the feedback and enthusiasm pushed me to think a bit more outside the box. Thank you. :)