5 Days 'til Madness: SDCC is Coming

It's going to be a very calm weekend before the nerdiest storm of the year comes around. San Diego Comic Con is not an event you just up and go to. There's so much prep required to feel like you're actually ready for 4.5 days of intensity. Not only that, but there is also the travel aspect thousands of us will endure, whether it's via car or plane or train.

I don't really attend SDCC for the panels or the exclusive shopping. Panels I can view on YouTube the week after. Exclusives are a little bleh for me, especially the ones that require hours of your day waiting in line. Why am I even there? I think 80% of the reason is to meet and network with creators of all mediums for things I enjoy. 10% to be out and about in another city. 10% the food. All that free swag is quite nice to bring home as well. Hauling that stuff around for a day isn't.

The early mornings are second nature. Nothing wrong with lining up before 7am for the exhibit hall. Some might disagree about that, but I feel like seasoned attendees know this is part of the routine. Nothing new for the past few years. Going with a group will certainly make time go by faster. Some days you meet chatty people that share the same interests as you, making the wait to enter a lot quicker. Then there's that epic stroll down the escalator. It's that moment when you get to see how spacious and clean the convention center really is. Once you reach the ground level, the real chaos starts.

Running through your head are questions coming at your as fast as you can walk once you step off the escalator. What is your absolute number one goal to achieve before everything else in your daily plan gets carried out? Is your route the swiftest way you're really going? Do you have a back-up plan if things don't pan out? Having all these things ready, and accepting that not everything ambitious you want to do is possible, will make the whole SDCC experience a better time. Guarantee yourself that mentality, and you'll be fine.

Maybe I have it easy, but my only stressful situation is figuring out what camera gear to use. That will be something I brush up on in another post very soon. :)