Wizard World Sacramento 2017

The comic con with various shows throughout the country every year returned to Sacramento last month. There was a very unique special guest line-up that included Kate Beckinsale, Val Kilmer, Michael Rooker and many more. Upon entering the convention center were metal detectors. I'm not sure if these are common at all Wizard World shows, but it was a little surprising seeing them around. It was a quick process if you didn't bring much. My camera bag was rather lightweight this weekend, so security wasn't taking long having me pass through.

What did I bring??

  • Canon 77D with 10-18mm
  • Fujifilm X-T1 with 35mm
  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

Guests walking into the exhibit hall were welcomed with a stage offering live music and other programming throughout each day. Aisles were somewhat spacious. It got a little cluttered if you walked around the autograph & photo-op areas. Walking around the exhibitors/artist area wasn't as busy, so that gave attendees a rather chill shopping experience. The big panels were located upstairs in the convention center, which required people to walk along the first floor hallway and up an escalator.

Convention center doors along J Street were not available to enter/exit, but that would defeat the purpose of Wizard World having a security check in one area. The layout of everything else was fine. I just wish there was a quicker way to get to 7-Eleven and the other eateries east of the venue with those doors off limits.

The vlog below will give a glimpse on what it's like at Wizard World Sacramento. One of the highlights was a moment of silence for Adam West. Shout out to Larry for tagging along for most of the time I was at Wizard World. Since vlogs are structured around a whole day, there will be random happenings throughout that will involve friends and food and laughs. Do check it out!

June was such an empty month for me with events. I was BUSY, but with projects like this new website. Wizard World was essentially my one convention last month. It was an enjoyable experience. Sacramento has their fair share of local events relative to comics and celebrities, so it was nice to see how Wizard World utilized a venue that I'm quite familiar with when it comes to nerd events like this. I'm looking forward for their return next time.

More photos from this event can be viewed in this gallery! :)