Jedi Moon Cosplay as Primarina


I took an unusually long break from cosplay work, even knowing this photo set was due for posting. Steph knows I find myself knee deep with projects, but the pictures will eventually be finished. This was a little unique since we're in November. The Primarina shoot was in September, so two months of waiting. It's a different season to top it off, so hopefully people don't question things like "gee, why are you a mermaid in this chilly weather?" 

Some of you might noticed two different styles in the photo set. I did the shoot with Canon and Fujifilm just to see how both performed for stills. The more consistent colors and contrast similar to previous work is with the Fujifilm. People that are used to my work might be able to separate the differences, especially if you look at the out-of-focus bits. It's fun working with so many blues in this outdoor setting (same location as the vintage Ariel shoot). I prefer the Fujifilm gear after looking at these side-by-side. The photo above is with the Canon. Photo below this paragraph is taken with Fujifilm.


These shoots with Steph are always a blast, especially when the finished work turns out like this. It's always nice when both sides of the camera are firing on all cylinders. Check out the complete photo set here. Enjoy! 


Fujifilm X-T1 + 56mm
Canon 77D + 18-135mm STM