Bastion in Maui Series | Day 2


The resort I stay at is on a beach, so why not take Bastion out for some sun and waves? Years ago I learned how to basically do everything beach-y in Kaanapali. It's always nice to be back here. I know Bastion is somewhat an inexpensive toy to place in non-safe conditions, but I'm still very cautious about the safety of it (this sounds silly, but I do care for the well-being of my subjects). 

This was my first time actually going in the water since arriving in Maui. The humid weather and chilled water is easy to adapt to, and makes me lose track of how long I've been in the water. I try not to be in for long periods of time. I'm quite sure I won't have Bastion doing any water activities for this series; this will be the closest it gets. Photo for day 2 was taken with the Fujifilm X-T1 + 16mm lens. :)