Bastion in Maui Series | Day 1


One of the few airlines that I fly domestically is Alaska Airlines. They fly to my favorite destinations, and overall treat you well on flights. The next 9 days I'll be sharing a photo of Bastion out and about in Maui. Technically I wasn't in Maui for this photo. I was 30,000+ feet in the air, and about 30 minutes away from the island.

This particular toy is from the Cute but Deadly Series 2 line of Blizzard figures. These cute chibi-looking toys are so adorable in person. Bastion just happens to be one of the few that can stand without any support, so it made perfect sense to bring it along for this trip. I'm looking forward to showing off a few parts of the island. This trip is primarily for a wedding, but I'll do my best to use different locations and scenery.

I'll be using Fujifilm cameras for the series - X100F and X-T1. Since I'm still getting acquainted with the X100F, that will be the preferred camera to use, but the Fujifilm 16mm lens is mounted on the X-T1, so it will be hard to resist using that camera/lens combo as well. Day 1 photo is taken with the X100F. Enjoy the rest of the series!