Halloween Terror Returns to Overwatch

Overwatch_ Origins Edition_20171010121606.jpg

I like to think the most hyped Overwatch event until Anniversary came around was Halloween Terror last year. It's not hard to enjoy this event. It's a very appealing event with some of the best skins originally released last year. The new batch is back of items has even more skins. One difference compared to last year is that event skins are all be Legendary (a trend ever since Anniversary).

Junkenstein's Revenge is back with an endless mode, plus the Summoner (Symmetra) is added as an additional enemy. It's been a fun week of gaming with the new mode and enemy added. Expert and Legendary difficulty is just ridiculous, and can only survive 3-4 minutes in expert. I haven't dared diving into Legendary yet. I'm tempted to keep trying since their are sprays to unlock for finishing those difficulties. 

Eichenwalde has Halloween decor for matches, joining the Hollywood map. I must say having darker hero skins are extremely useful in the night. The evening setting of Eichenwalde is very fitting for it's architecture. It seems greedy to actually want the map to be permanently evening. For some reason I would like to see Route 66 and Hanamura get this treatment next year.

The whole loot box algorithm stuff is actually good for me since Halloween Terror was only briefly played last year. Still getting a bunch of Doomfist items, but mostly event items have been received. It's just off I have all 14 Doomfist voice lines now. He's the newest hero, but some original heroes don't even have half their voice lines. Just a little odd how that works out.

Overwatch_ Origins Edition_20171010124823.jpg

My favorite skin has to go to Zarya, and not because she's my tank main, but it's just a straight up awesome outfit in honor of the 80s. I love it. I don't have it yet, but I have the coin to buy it if I don't score it in a loot box. As you see above, McCree was my first new skin this event. Mei's Jiangshi is also a very solid skin, and I adore Blizzard's aim at making cultural references for her event skins. She was my most recent skin in a box, so I'm glad to have got her done with. Do I see myself buying loot boxes in hopes of getting all the event skins? Not really. I have 4 of the 8 released in this event. I'm missing Ana, Reaper, Symmetra, and Zarya, so not too bad this time around.

Overwatch_ Origins Edition_20171013155225.jpg

Halloween Terror wraps up on November 1st, so plenty of time to enjoy the festivities. I can see myself opting to play Overwatch on Halloween night over horror films. That's how much fun this event really is. See ya around on PS4! :)