Sac Comic-Con in a Familiar Location


News of Sac Comic-Con moving venues to the Sacramento Convention Center certainly helped decide on covering the fall event. The McClellan conference center used for the past few events was adequate for a while, but felt out of the way since that venue isn't really located in the heart of Sacramento. A benefit of that location was free parking, which could be challenging in downtown Sacramento. However, this past Sac Comic-Con took place on a Sunday, so street parking was free. It wasn't hard finding a spot since I tend to show up at events an hour early.

About half the exhibit hall space was utilized for this event. It was spacious and just felt good to be inside. The excellent indoor lighting and air-conditioning are always a plus at the convention center; these were two lacking things at the previous venue. If you've been to a Sac-Con before, you'll notice a few familiar vendors and artists scattered around. 

Special guests highlighting the event included Jim Shooter (comic writer), Irene Bedard (voice and character model for Disney's Pocahontas), and Judith O'Dea & Kyra Schon (Night Of The Living Dead). One of the great things about Sac Comic-Con is that didn't really focus on one medium as you can see with the special guests. This event caters to fans of comics, movies, tv, and pop culture, so it makes sense why these talents were headlining this time around.  

The next Sac Comic-Con is next year on April 15th. I'll most likely be at that event since April is looking somewhat empty as of now, and I enjoy covering and supporting local events when possible. Check out the vlog for this event below, and the photo gallery will also be linked below when finished. Enjoy!


Typical gear: Canon 77D + 10-18mm + Rode VideoMicro

Vlogging was interesting! The crowd of everything was a little relaxing. My friends and I feel the con fatigue as the year wraps up. So I think the vibe rubbed off well in this vlog. I always try to make the mood a little different each video, so viewers won't feel like it's always more of the same.




Gear: Canon 77D + 10-18mm, Fuji X-T1 + 35mm f2