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Let's talk Hamilton first. What was the first song you listened to?

I was actually really reluctant in listening to Hamilton. I didn't really get why people were so obsessed with a musical about our founding fathers. I finally gave in when I was completely bored out of my mind. I listened to it in chronological order, so the first song I ever heard was "Hamilton". By the time I got to Daveed Diggs' verse, I was sold!

What convinced you to put together an Alexander Hamilton cosplay?

The Hamilton cosplay actually wasn't originally mine. My best friend Alisa was the one who accidentally the coat when they were out thrift shopping for another cosplay. Alisa wore it for a Friday of SacAnime 2016. I didn't have a cosplay for Sunday, so Alisa let me borrow it, and the rest is history (no pun intended)! Since then, I've made a lot of modifications to it, and definitely improved on my beard-makeup, haha. Personally, I think Alisa made a much better Hamilton than I did! Alisa and I have been planning to do an Eliza/Hamilton photo shoot, actually!

Daveed Diggs is such a joy in both acts. Do you enjoy him more as Lafayette or Jefferson?

I love Daveed, as an actor and singer, but I definitely prefer Lafayette over Jefferson, in the play and in history, haha.

How did you get acquainted with cosplay?

I first got acquainted with cosplay in fifth grade. One of my best friend's sister actually got me into it. She had been cosplaying off and on for a few years before me. She was the one who took me to my first SacAnime, back when it was still at the Lions Gate hotel (at least I think that was the name of it, haha). If I remember correctly, my first cosplay was Germany from Hetalia. I know everyone says not to be ashamed of your first cosplay, by every time I look back at those photos I cringe a little bit.


Are there anymore cosplays that you are working on for conventions this year?

I have tons of new cosplays coming up! I think I'm making some real show-stoppers this year, including my Voltron cosplay group, Mulan, Te Fiti, and many more!

Te Fiti sounds very interesting. It's very nice seeing people cosplay as Moana characters not based on Moana and Maui. Very green, but you seem to have a grasp on painting yourself? (ie: Mettaton & Marshall Lee)

Oh yes, I've definitely had quite a bit of practice when it comes to face paint. I've experimented with a lot of different brands of paint, but not a lot of colors, so it's definitely going to a new adventure trying to jump straight into such a bright color(green). I actually didn't use face painting tutorials to learn how to apply paint. Instead, I watched a lot of different makeup gurus, and drag queen tutorials to learn!

What inspired you to do a Yuri!!! On Ice cosplay? Minami is such a colorful character in the series, and a personal favorite of mine.

I actually didn't intend to cosplay Minami. I had planned on cosplaying Yuuri or Viktor, but I realized that the show would be so popular, it would be really difficult to create a stand-out cosplay. So, I choose a character who (at the time) had the least amount of screen time. I loved his cute personality, but that's not usually the type of character I'm drawn too. However, as the show progressed, and more fan works started coming out, he definitely grew on me!


Which events do you plan on attending for the remainder of the year? Are there any out-of-state events that you would like to attend in the future?

I'm hoping to go to a lot more events this year! I'll be at SacAnime Summer, SacCon, and the next CVCG for sure. Since SacAnime is my home con, I always love going out there and showing support all the artists and vendors. I'd like to go to Wizard World Sacramento too, depending on the guest this year (seriously, I would kill for them to get the Voltron cast this year). Tracy Comic Con also invited me to go to their con in November, which I'm really excited for! Hopefully I'll be able to make it out to the San Fransisco Anime Festival this year, too! I would love to be able to go to Dragon Con one day. It seems like such an awesome con, with a beautiful venue that I would love to go to! My only worry is that, if I go to Dragon Con, my cosplays couldn't even hold a candle to the absolutely stunning cosplayers that attend!

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