Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Window of Opportunity"



Sarge’s crew kicks off the “Window of Opportunity” episode by getting acquainted with gas station edibles, plus judge the planet by the currency. They don’t seem too impressed by our paper money. I don’t know. I’m kind of rooting for this new bunch. Meanwhile at SHIELD, Mack is taking the arrival in baby steps with word that Sarge is looking like Coulson. They are also trying to figure out, along with Benson, what happened to the guy that teleported halfway to earth, but chest down turned into concrete.

Fitz is actually in space with Enoch (he survived!), and is slaving as an engineer for someone named Viro. Remember that ship from the season premiere that blasted apart Enoch’s ship with a cryo-sleeping Fitz? That ship. Viro gets very little development since he meets his demise within the episode via airlock. Once that happens, Fitz takes control of the craft to somewhere not Naro-Atzia (the destination Viro was heading to), which happens to be where Daisy and Jemma end up at episode’s end. Ah, the space love search continues next week.

May and Yo-Yo go after Sarge at a shipping yard that his team parks their truck. They don’t really find anything except have a little conversation about Mack. Nothing really happens until May’s squad is notified about a jewelry store being robbed. They actually use the vault to create a portal to their cloaking truck, which is in the shipping yard. May realizes the shipping yard is actually important. She goes there and notices tire tracks that disappear way too unnaturally. Trying to shut things down in the truck, May ultimately fails and gets portal’d back into the vault as SHIELD cracks the vault door simultaneously. May is heated after all that, so next episode will be quite interesting.

The great thing about this shorter season is that the writing doesn’t get to dabble around in little arcs that serve up as fodder in the long run. Everything seems to be connected so far, and that Fitz/Simmons quest content will never get old. I’m finding myself rooting for Sarge’s cause, but this might be in part to just being a fan of Clark Gregg’s finesse in this show (and partially assuming it’s a Coulson deep down inside).


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Window of Opportunity” premieres tonight at 8pm PST on ABC.

Overwatch: Getting Baptiste's Stand By Me Trophy

Overwatch_ Origins Edition_20190408145701.jpg

Like some trophies, completing these Overwatch challenges can happen more randomly than actually trying. My first run with Baptiste happened to be in Competitive Play, so I took what I learned in the practice range mode and let loose in really important matches. The challenge is to “prevent 4 deaths with a single use of Baptiste’s Immortality Field in Quick or Competitive play.” Seems somewhat easy? I think an enemy that pops their ult with multi-kills as a possibility is the best way to acquire this trophy.

This enemy D.Va decided to panic ult because most of my team was situated for an attack move. Most of us were doomed as heroes with no shields, so I plopped that Immortality Field around 5 of us just to see if we live. We did. The field device was gone, but we all survived. The trophy notification popped, and that’s when I remembered Overwatch trophies are much cooler to get without trying too hard. I haven’t given Baptiste a solid run of gameplay aside from a few matches, but I do plan on trying to get the Window of Opportunity trophy someday. :)

Agents of SHIELD at WonderCon 2019

A show that seemed to sit in limbo on a season renewal last year was Agents of SHIELD. It definitely deserved another season, but a little delay from ABC really kept things tense until the good news came around. The cast and producers appeared at WonderCon last weekend for a press event, plus a panel & signing for convention attendees.

I spoke to a handful of season regulars including Clark Gregg, Elizabeth Henstridge, Iain De Caestecker, and Henry Simmons. On the producer chats, I poked mostly at the shortened season length and what type of hurdles that gave the show considering Agents of SHIELD has 20+ episode seasons prior to season 6. Check out the screenshot gallery and interviews video below. Enjoy!

Shout out to the assistant, Josh, for being the cameraman during the interview portions.