Wednesday, April 5, 2017

WonderCon 2017 | Meeting Torbjorn and Lucio

This made an awesome day even more awesome.

The possibilities are endless in terms of meeting random professionals walking around WonderCon. Our luck reeled in voice actors from Overwatch (Keith Silverstein & Jonny Cruz) on Saturday. We're obviously big Overwatch fans, so it was a delight meeting voice actors for Torbjorn and Lucio, characters we actually play as in the game. Both were gracious to fans, dropping game quotes to anyone that requested it.

Keith Silverstein (Torbjorn) showed up at the Overwatch gathering, posing for group photos, notably the defense characters for obvious reasons. At times he would get into characters reminding folks of his presence, and how epic it is to experience a voice actor in person. Nothing beats hearing "My Baby!" and "Come Get Your Armor" in the flesh.

Keith Silverstein at the Overwatch cosplay gathering ;)

Later on inside the convention center lobby we ran into Jonny Cruz (Lucio). It was a random encounter that neither of us expected. Actually, we did talk about how some voice actors are located in the area, and it would be sweet to bump into some of them. Turned out to be the case for us. Like Keith Silverstein, Jonny Cruz gives ample time to fans, and keeps the feel good rhythm going as if Lucio was casually dressed at a convention.

Every now and then we have these nerdy moments at conventions while we roam around the area. This is certainly one of them. So take note - at WonderCon, you might see an Overwatch hero or two in real life. :)

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