Saturday, April 8, 2017

WonderCon 2017 | Family Circus Prints

A nice booth to visit at WonderCon was the National Cartoonists Society. When we visited, Family Circus author Jeff Keane was signing prints. There was no fee for these, but a small donation to the National Cartoonists Society Foundation would be appreciated. Being fans of comic strips, this opportunity was fantastic for us, and meant for a good cause.

There were three prints to choose from. With only two of us, we obviously didn't have a way to complete the set. However, we chose the Star Wars and Batman prints since those are our favorite franchises. Superman is cool, but a decision had to be made, and he didn't make the cut.

If you ever see the NCS and/or Jeff Keane at an event, be sure to check out the booth and see what they have going on. Little fundraisers like this help the foundation by offering assistance during hardships, scholarships, and educational programs.

Our prints :)