Tuesday, April 4, 2017

WonderCon 2017 Coverage

Anaheim Convention Center

This is our first event coverage of 2017 that is outside the bay area, so we're very excited to post some content on WonderCon. Many folks know this was a staple event in San Francisco up until a few years ago, and it's rather neat seeing just how much it has grown from a location change + general maturing year after year.

Anaheim Convention Center offers a spacious and clean environment practically everywhere you walk. Of course some aisles in the exhibit hall and outdoor areas near badge scanning get clustered up, but that's kind of expected at every popular event you attend, regardless of it being a CCI event or something else. WonderCon offers a large variety in the exhibit hall that can fill up a weekend schedule quite easily, and if shopping around isn't an all-day thing for you, then there was plenty of programming/panels happening each day to keep busy.

Most aisles were like this, maybe busier if booths had a line.

Guests of all mediums can be found at this event. For comics there was Sergio Aragones (Groo the Wanderer), Kevin Eastman (TMNT), Mark Waid (The Flash), Bob Layton (Iron Man) and Gerard Way (The Umbrella Academy) to name a few. Disney fanatics walking around the exhibit probably spotted Margaret Kerry (Tinker Bell model) sitting at a booth that catered to Disney collectibles. It's great to see WonderCon having such a diverse line-up of guests around the exhibit hall.

Mark Waid

The possibilities are endless in terms of meeting random professionals walking around WonderCon. Our luck reeled in voice actors from Overwatch Keith Silverstein & Jonny Cruz, who voice Torbjorn and Lucio respectively, on Saturday. We might have a little something else to post on this later on. Quite a few voice actors attend events on their own, and aren't really promoted by events. They are simply there to take in the festivities like regular folks.

Panels and screenings scheduled during the weekend gave attendees a chance to see their favorite talents and companies show off their new shows and movies. These panels ranged from ABC's The Goldbergs and Imaginary Mary, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, Warner Bros. Pictures, Riverdale, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and plenty more throughout each day. These panels also offer people an hour to sit down and relax while watching special guests talk about their projects.

Badge scanning and food trucks ;D

Food is very accessible in the convention center and just outside the venue with a line-up of food trucks parked just outside the badge scanning area. So if you were craving a particular food, then there was a good chance a food truck met your needs. The smell of all the food kept us drooling for food, but held off each time knowing we had places to eat at in Downtown Disney across the street.

We really miss the WonderCon event being held in San Francisco, but it's grown so much since they left the bay area. There really isn't a solid reason to come back, in our opinion, as we're pretty sure the programming we enjoy the most is due to WonderCon being near Los Angeles. A quick trip down south is easy, and branching out of the bay area for some travel is always welcomed. It's quite surprising how many friends from local events made the trip down as well, so at times we bumped into people we love hanging out with, and that makes any day more enjoyable.

The northern California crew :)

There are more WonderCon articles to come! Listed below is a list of what is posted so far, and that list will be updated after articles are posted. All the cosplay photos are already up on Facebook and Flickr since we know that's what people want to see first. Enjoy!

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