Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sushi Cars by tokidoki

Simone Legno is back at it again with this cute new addition to his brand. tokidoki is a very unique brand with their cute characters and their interesting backstories. Last month we encountered the latest blind box series, Sushi Cars, at Barnes & Noble store and just had to try our luck. These boxes come in four different color variations, and each box contains a tokidoki figure riding in one of 10 sushi-themed cars. Eventually we ended up with another Sushi Car blind box. We’re very happy with our results since we got two figures that we actually wanted. So far we have Donutella riding in her Tama-Go! Car and Salaryman riding in his Ebi-GT car. All we are really hoping to get now is Popcorn Guy and the chase featuring Adios and Ciao Ciao.

Upon first glance at these figures, the quality is very nice. The paint job on the figures is consistent to the designs on the box. The make of the cars is very detailed, plus the rice on the bottom of the sushi looks like convincingly real rice. The wheels on the cars don’t move, they are just for decoration but it makes perfect for display pieces (their intended purpose). One thing to note is the figures will have strong paint odor when opening the actual blind bag.

Something missing from these blind boxes is an info sheet showing off the other figures in the series like other mini figure series include. This is also something that could be printed on one side of the box if having an info sheet leads to a higher price per box. A single blind box at stores we frequent cost between $7.95 (B&N) to $9.90 (Hot Topic). Online pricing will vary online for other merchants. However, buying these in person is much more better since we can open them up right away. The adorable factor for Sushi Cars is through the roof for us. We hope to add more of these adorable figures to our growing collection.

Here are a few more pictures of our Sushi Cars by tokidoki below. Enjoy! :)