Thursday, March 30, 2017

Loot Crate PRIMAL | March 2017

From the very first mention that this month's theme was going to be Primal, our first thought was instantly Overwatch. Luckily for us, Loot Crate delivered with more amazing items in this box that explore all things Primal. Although this box was a little lacking in how many items we received, we really liked what we did get in the box. Essentially there were three big items accompanied by a small item (not including pin and booklet). Last month, looking back now, was kind of a mediocre box. Bouncing back from the previous box was a must, and Loot Crate certainly delivered.

-- Items Received --

As you readers probably know, Overwatch is a staple in our game library and we are always playing it. This t-shirt is a good one to add to our collection since it depicts Winston from the Overwatch team. Primal is the perfect theme for his ultimate ability entitled Primal Rage, a powerful boost where he takes off his glasses and starts tearing shit up all around the map with only his fists. It’s quite epic if done right, but can be hilarious to witness Winston getting shot down during his ultimate ability.

This is pretty neat bottle opener. Loot Crate made two variants. Our box included Jungle Hunter from the original Predator film, which is the one we prefer out of the two possibilities.We haven’t tried opening any bottles with this, but the quality is top-notch for this officially licensed item.

 This Jurassic World sign is rather cool. Replica items are always a plus, especially when based on epic films like Jurassic World. The sign measures approximately 5 3/4 by 8 1/4 inches, and it comes with zip ties for electrical fence mounting.

With the new Logan movie being released this month, it was only fitting to include a Wolverine figurine (ha this rhymes). Anyway, this figure has three variations (3 different paint jobs on the same sculpt). The one we received is Old Man Logan. However, this figure sculpt isn’t really replicating Wolverine straight out of a particular comic or movie. The other two possibilities in Loot Crate boxes is Logan and Raw Adamantium Logan. Looking at this figure, it has a really nice paint job and is crafted very well. Caution to anyone who receives this box this month, there are Logan SPOILERS in the booklet that comes with the box. Basically just avoid the Wolverine portion if you don’t want to be spoiled of anything in Logan.

It’s a smiley face with claws scraping through. Really neat if you ask us, plus the colors make the pin stand out nicely. The pin unlocks an exclusive PRIMAL pack for Party On Your Forehead, which looks to be a Loot Crate game app. We haven’t checked this out yet, but perhaps sometime later on that will change.

Basic on the outside, but the new logo stuff is cool. To fix that just cut this thing up and it will turn into an epic T-Rex. Quite awesome to us, especially since we thought their #LOOTBOT from last month couldn’t be topped. Bravo, Loot Crate.

Figure out those puzzles in the February box? We did, and are excited to see that the bonus loot is an exclusive member pin. It’s rather awesome getting two pins in the box this month. The quality is on part with monthly pins, but sports a more sophisticated design compared to monthly themes.

- - -

The theme next month is Investigate, so we’ll be getting items from Batman, Jessica Jones, Stranger Things, and The X-Files. We’re very excited to see what Stranger Things item is in the box. :)