Saturday, March 4, 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn Collector's Edition

One of the most anticipated video game for PS4 released this week. Horizon Zero Dawn has had our attention since their E3 trailer back in 2015. It looked beautiful visually, and the final product looks spectacular. It’s been a jaw-dropping gaming experience in the little time played so far. With that said, this article is focused on the Collector’s Edition that bundled together a few exclusive items at a premium price. All the goodies are packed in a hefty box, and makes great for storage if you don't like displaying everything at once.

The main attraction to this set is a statue of Aloy. She stands around 9 inches, and features a defeated Watcher machine. Some minor assembly is required with some loose arrows needing placement on the machine. Usually we see gaming statues of characters standing straight up to make them over 12 inches tall, but Aloy is stepping on top of a machine. The height difference is not a deal breaker since there is quite a lot going on at the base of the statue. Gentle Giant did a great job bringing Aloy to life in statue form. Paint work is top-notch, as well as the sculpt. This is all packaged very safely in styrofoam when taken out of the inner box.

A staple in collector’s editions along with a statue is a Steelbook. This Steelbook embraced the game’s colorful and diverse setting on the covers and interior. Included inside the Steelbook is a sheet with a code to unlock several in-game items + a PS4 Dynamic Theme.

The art book was not looked at because we thought it to contain spoilers for the game. But that being said, the outside cover of the book shows the beautiful post-apocalyptic world that this game is set in. You wouldn’t usually use the words apocalyptic and beautiful together, but Horizon Zero Dawn made it possible.

Dynamic themes are hit or miss on PS4. This collector’s edition unlocks a dynamic theme that is basically box art, but a super saving grace is the music that plays endlessly. It’s the music that can be heard is all the Horizon Zero Dawn trailers, usually towards the end of trailers. We love it very much, so hopefully a soundtrack release is in the pipeline later on.

Redeem the code included in the Steelbook. Do that in the PlayStation Store, and everything included for in-game content will be yours. Upon loading up a new game, a cinematic plays that shows the origin story of Aloy, an outcast among the tribes and her caretaker Rost. This looks like a movie with how the graphics look and can often be confused for a cinematic with real actors. This game is supposed to have at least 24 hours of gameplay which amounts to many video gaming sessions for us. We are excited to dive further into this game and see the challenges that Aloy faces as an outcast.

Back to the collector’s edition. We highly recommend owning this version of Horizon Zero Dawn, especially if the game captured your interest early on in trailers. The hype surrounding the game is as real as it gets. This set is identical to the Uncharted 4 collector’s edition in terms of items - statue, Steelbook, art book, extra in-game content. Having a video game discount membership with Amazon or Best Buy will bring down the $120 retail price to $96. Totally worth it if you ask us.