Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Geek Fuel v Loot Crate | February 2017

OKAY! The time has come to officially compare Geek Fuel and Loot Crate upon receiving our first boxes from them. In this article we'll be putting these February 2017 boxes head-to-head to see which one we enjoyed most. Check out our individual articles for each box in the links below.

It might be a little unfair value-wise, but these two boxes go head-to-head quite easily when you consider our interests. Even on social media these two companies refer to one another as competitors. Loot Crate is currently $15.99 monthly, while Geek Fuel is $18.90 monthly before shipping. These prices are without shipping added, but they add $6 for shipping. Geek Fuel is nearly $3 more expensive before shipping, but they give us considerably more value, in our opinion, by devoting this month to exclusive items.


Geek Fuel having all exclusive items made the mystery much more exciting. Every item in the box was a hit for us. Geek Fuel focused on brands that we love, so they kind of had that as an advantage before opening any boxes. The Fallout 4 t-shirt, Stranger Things pin, the Legend of Zelda portable charger, and Batman print are all so good. There’s also a free game, Archibald’s Adventures, that was packed into the box. A lot of content was put into their magazine as well.

Loot Crate impressed us with their exclusive Tetris magnet set and LEGO Batman food container. The magnets are nice, but this box could have benefited from a bulkier Tetris item. Their Megazord t-shirt and pin are also items we very much enjoy.


Our knowledge of LEGO Dimensions fun packs being found at 99 Cents Only stores didn’t help us appreciate the second biggest item the Loot Crate box. It’s probably a given that Loot Crate values the LEGO item at original retail price, but the thought of some of these packs available in stores for under a dollar is disappointing. This is the only non-exclusive item in the box, so why didn’t Loot Crate opt to make an all-exclusive box?

Geek Fuel will be bumping up their monthly box price by a dollar next month. They are using a more expensive t-shirt to improve quality, so the expense gets passed on to customers. We actually like the new quality, even though we have no previous Geek Fuel t-shirts for a comparison. This only gets listed under THE BAD because it will be an extra expense each month. However, increased price aside, we like the new quality for t-shirts, and this won’t be a repeated reason moving forward if we get future Geek Fuel boxes.


It might be obvious, but to declare it in print – Geek Fuel is our favorite box in this month’s mystery box duel. :)

Our favorite item from the Geek Fuel box (Stranger Things pin) does not compare in the slightest to our favorite item in the Loot Crate box (Tetris flexible magnets). While Loot Crate has the nifty gimmick of the constructible boxes, Geek Fuel has the advantage in the quality of items, especially with this box containing all exclusives.

As of writing, we only know Guardians of the Galaxy will be featured in Geek Fuel's March box. They did post a Nintendo status on Facebook that could be hinting at something for March. Meanwhile, Loot Crate announced Primal as their theme. We’re already anticipating the Overwatch and X-Men item coming from Loot Crate. All eyes will be on the Overwatch item though. It better be good! Hopefully Geek Fuel will hint at a few more brands soon to get us excited about March, as they have a tall order to fulfill after their recent amazing box.